Dr. Ralph at www.DrRalph-NY.com, Offers Our Abiding New York City and New York State, Online Christian Counseling for You, Your Family, Marriage, Couples & Psy-Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Grief  & Guilt! Sufferings! We are Here for You, All New Yorker's at Our Abiding in Christ, Online Nationwide Trauma & Treatment Clinic, Online & On Call 24-7, Christian Personal Psychotherapy & Family, Marriage & Couples.

1. Please Call Doc at 212-202-2545 from 10am to 4pm EST for a Free Initial Intake Session & to Set Up Telephone & Video Conferencing & Virtual Counseling Appointments or Email Me at:   DoctorRalph@outlook.com1. Our Counseling & Therapy Info!   2. Our Quick Fee & Appt Info.     We also run The Abiding-Church.com & SoldiersChurch.comAbiding in Christ Online Int'l Missionary Churches, Offering 24-7 Online Church Services, Holy Bibles & Prayer Requests, as well as: Abba-Hospital.com, International Online Sick & Suffering Children's Prayer Chapel.

    A Fireside Chat with Good Old Dr. Ralph!Abiding Christian Anxiety, Depression & Marriage Counseling!


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Dr. Ralph Offers

The Abiding New York

Online & On Call 24-7,

Talk Therapy,  Psychotherapy &

Family, Marriage & Couples Counseling.

Our Abiding in Christ Clinic Offers A Most Serious,

Attentive & Listening; Confidntial, Private & Caring;

Non-Judgmental Christian Atmosphere.

We also Help Our Neighbors in Boston and DC..

           We Give You: 24 hr Concierge Phone & Video             Conferencing Sessions by Virtual Office Phone Visits by

   1. A Simple Private One to One, "Just Plain Talk"                            Session or Confidential Private Conversation, to                           Talk Matters through, Vent Out & Be Truly Heard Session.

   2. Counseling for Couples, Marriages & Families...

   3. Personal Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Fears, Depression,                 Sadness & Low Self Esteem, Grief, Life's Major Losses,               Guilt, Anger, Frustration, Stress, Betrayal, Forgivness...

   4. Spiritual Growth, Guidance & Answers for                                     People of Any Faith or Christian Counsel.

   5. Finding Your Gifting, Meaning & Purpose Here,                             Your Path to Goals & Fufilling Your Personal Journey!

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       This is for All of You Folks in Our New York City & N.Y. State & Nearby Cities Environs with Convenient 24-7 Concierge & Easily Accessible, Online Virtual Office Sessions by Telephone and Video Conferencing at Our Abiding New York, Counseling & Therapy Treatment Clinic & Our Virtual Private Practice &

All Directly & Personally with Good Old Dr. Ralph!

Please Call Doc at 212-202-2545 from 10am to 4pm EST for a 

Free Initial Info Session & to Set Up Telephone &

 Video Conferencing Virtual Therapy & Counseling Sessions.

You Can Also Email Me at: DoctorRalph@outlook.com



1. PROFESSIONAL FEES are All Paid by Credit Card Only.

2. We Do Not Accept Insurance Payments. This is the Same as Attorneys, Accountants & Most Professional. This also Insures Your Confidentiality, Protection and No Life Long Tracking of Your Diagnoes or Medications.

Professionally, We Note & Record All Calls & Communications.

Note: Our Fee Paid Professional Counseling Paid Fees, Help to Support Our International Children's Hospital & Our Absolutely Free Church Ministries, to Needy & Suffering People in Countries Worldwide!

FEE INFO: Our Fees are Scaled

According to House Hold Incomes and/or Net Worth.

   A. Household Annual Incomes of Less Than $ 90.000.
 1. Day Time Hour Appointments are from
       10 am to 9 pm EST & are Scaled at                                                         
$ 120.00 - $ 240.00 per hour & $ 2.00 - $ 4.00 per minute.
 2. Night Time Hour Appointments are from
       9 pm to 10 am EST are at Scaled at                                                       $ 180.00+ per hour & $ 6.00+ per minute.  

   B. Incomes from $ 100,00.00 to $ 350.000.00.
 1. Day Time Hour Appointments are from
     10 am to 9 pm EST & are Scaled at                                                          
$ 240.00 - $ 360.00 per hour & $ 4.00 - $ 6.00 per minute.
 2. Night Time Hour Appointments are from 9 pm to 10 am EST &      
    are at $ 360.00 per hour & $ 6.00+ per minute. 

 3. Our Associated Fees are at $ 6.00 per minute, for All International Calls & Relevant Medical, Legal, Court, Attorney, Business & All Professional Communications and Consultations. This Does Not include Any Added Line or Connection Charges.

   C. Incomes Over $400.000.00.
   1. Doc is Available at Our VIP RedPhone24.com, Concierge               Counseling Clinic for Our Countries' Top 10%, CEOs, Leaders in     IT, Industry, Manufacturing & Retail, Corporate Execs, Doctors,         Attorneys, Celebs, Sports & Established Professionals All Fieldsl



   If You are Needing Free or Scaled Pricing:

   Dr. Ralph: Many Online & Local Counseling Services Offer Free, Varying or Sliding Scaled Fees. 1. You Can Find These Using Your Search Engine for: "Free Online Christian Counseling Therapy" or 2. You Can Also Contact Catholic Charities, 3. Lutheran Social Services, 4. Local Large Churches, 5. Hotline Telephone Centers or 6. Major TV Ministries, many of which have Free or Reasonable Rates.

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* Contact & Fees. * Sitemap.


* Dr. Ralph on Couples: Answers and A List of Some Patient's Personal Feelings, Thoughts and Sufferings for You, Your Marriage, Family & Relationships.


* Dr. Ralph on Our Patients: Thoughts About the Clients We Serve & Our Professional Focus.


* Dr. Ralph on Grief: Answers for You, Couples, Your Marriage, Family about Your Severe Losses, The Heartbreak, Sufferings & Challenges.


* Dr. Ralph on Depression: Patient's Feelings, Thoughts & Sufferings, Explanations, Symptoms, Answers & Treatment Options for You, Couples, Your Marriage & Family.


* Dr. Ralph on Anxiety: Patient's Feelings, Thoughts & Sufferings, Explanations, Symptoms, Answers & Treatment Options for You, Couples, Your Marriage & Family.


* Dr. Ralph on Fear: A Very LONG List of Fears, Feelings, Walls & Phobias for You, Couples, Your Marriage & Family.


* Dr. Ralph on Meaning & Purpose: Helping You Find Life Answers on this Planet and How This Affects & Touches You, Your Marriage & Family.


About Our Live

Online & On Call

Recovery Counseling! 

v See Just Below v


* Dr. Ralph on Online: Just Why is Internet Counseling & Online Therapy so Important to You, Couples, Your Marriage & Family?


                                 About Our Live Online Recovery Unit! 
      Doc Makes "Check In Calls" by Telephone to Everyone in Recovery: People, Athletes,                 Our Seniors, Family & Friends, Who are Homebound, Recovering or Can't Leave Their Homes.   This is All Conveniently Done Wherever You are: at Home, at a Sport or Treatment Facility, Hospital, Rest, Nursing or Retirement Home, by Direct Online Personal Phone Calls with and All Personally Dr. Ralph & Conveniently on Your Phone, with Easy Access & Support by        E-mail & Text Messaging & on Your PC, Laptop, Notebook, Pad, Tablet or We are Here for You & Accessible Nationwide from Your Home, Office or Wherever You are Located, Assigned, Working or Traveling for Appointments.

At You Home Convenient Online Phone Counseling. At Your Office Convenient Online Telephone Counseling. Hospice Counseling for You Conveniently Online by Phone. 
* Contact & Fees. * Sitemap.

* Dr. Ralph Info.

     Dr. Ralph G. Taylore, has A PhD(Doctorate) in Counseling, A Masters Degree in Counseling & Psychological Services & after a 1st Year as a Pre-Med Student: Obtained a Bachelor's Degree in a Double Major of Psychology and Sociology. He has Moved on as a Nationally Certified Psychologist(NCP,) Licensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW), Licensed Mental Health Counselor(LMHC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT). He is also a LCCT, LMFPT, LPLC; An Ordained Minister, A Licensed International Pastor & Known as A Licensed Int'l Disaster Chaplain. 

    Note: Our Fee Paid Professional Counseling Paid Fees, Help to Support Our International Children's Hospital & Our Absolutely Free Church Ministries, to Needy & Suffering People in Countries Worldwide!

     Doc is Also Director of ThAbiding in Christ Online International Missionary Churches HQ, Offering: 1. www.AbidingChurch.com; 24-7 Online Christian Church Worship Mass Services, 2. www.Abba-Bibles.com God's Word, The Holy Bible in Many Languages and 3. www.Abiding-Christ-Chapel.comSend Us Your Praeyer Requests, Needs, Concerns, Heart's Desires Sufferings by Email at Abiding-Christ-Chapel@outlook.com and by Telephone and Text at 970-800-7800!

     We are Also Childprayer International & www.AbbaHospital.com: The Abba International Online Children's Hospital,  Offering Help & Treatment through Heartfelt & Reverant Prayer & Your Prayer Requests for Our Sick, Diseased, Hurt, Suffering, Needy, Hungry, Lonely & Homeless Kids!


                 Well Hello & Welcome! I'm Dr. Ralph at Our Abiding in Christ of New York,             4-7 Concierge, On Line & On Call Counseling Clinic since 1972!   

This is A Safe & Quiet Place to Talk through or
Talk Out Serious Concerns, Very Personal Matters,
Major Changes & Decisions in All Areas or Your Life.
We Can Also Help you with Spiritual Questions, Growth &
Guidance about God or Your Higher Power & Your Relationship,
as well as, You Personal Gifts & Purpose on This Planet.

Dr. Ralph: Hello to All of Our New Yorkers! Welcome to Our Abiding Online Christian Anxiety & Depression Clinic. This is for You & for Couples, Your Marriage, Your Family & All Those Special People You Love, to Hopefully & Finally Help & Sort Things Out. This is also in a Confidential Place, with Low Visibility & Yes, NO Traveling to Office Appointments, with Easy Access VIRTUAL OFFICE SESSIONS for All of North America, to Reach Me Directly, with Online Counseling and Individual Psychotherapy or "Talk Therapy" by Your Phone or Cell Phone & Email or Text Messaging Support. This is a Licensed & Nationwide Professional Mobile Private Practice for Wherever You May Work or Travel, Nationally or Worldwide!

   You Can have a Convenient, Private & Direct, Fireside Chat with Me & Professional Talk Therapy, by Virtual Office Visits & Online by Your Phone Nationwide, from Your Home, Office or Mobile Location in the USA ^ Really Internationally. Yes, This is All in An Attentive, Caring, Listening & Understanding, Kind & Non-Judgmental Atmosphere & also A Place for Very Personal, Spiritual Guidance.

This is All at Our Abiding NY Couples, Anxiety & Depression Telephone Counseling Clinic! Since 1972 from Colorado. We Help You & Treat Associated & Serious Problems & Disorders of Anxiety, Grief, Personal Losses and Yes, Couples, Family, Marriage & Relationship Difficulties.


     We Can Help You Personally, Couples, Your Marriage & Your Family at Our Online Private Practice with Office Visits by Telephone Online Counseling & Professional Sessions. This All Nationwide for Your Anxiety & Depression & Frustrations & Hopelessness & The Resultant Emotional Challenges & Sufferings: Cognitive, Confusion & Thinking Difficulties; Caring & Understanding & Working for You, Couples, Your Marriage, Family & Relationships, and Special, Individual Help with Your Major Life Challenges, Plans, Decisions & Goals!

     This is All in an Attentive, Non-Judgmental & Caring, Christian Atmosphere for Comfort, Growth, Finding Your Purpose & Personal Reasons in Life, Reaching Your Goals & Finding Your Paths There.  Also and if You'd Like, Doc Can Offer Very Private & Personal Spiritual Guidance in Any Area or to Find Out about God, as most call Him, or Your Higher Power!

      We Can Also Find Answers, by Online Phone Psychotherapy & Pastoral Counseling, by Virtual Office Visits Nationwide, about the Influence & Types of Anxiety or Depression & How These have Hurt or were Caused by Marriage,  Family & Relationships Issues & Their: Losses, Mis-Understandings, Loneliness, Hurt, Betrayal, Anger & Guilt & Pain. We Can Also Give You Some Very Serious & Private Spiritual Guidance... This is All Conveniently, Confidentially & Most Seriously for You, within A Quick Phone Call and Email & Text Messaging Support. 

* EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE of All Beliefs & Lifestyles, and If You Truly Seek Honest Answers & Relief and Really Want to Make Serious Changes.

     I Hope to Help You: Our American Hard Working People, Staff & Employees, Professionals, Business & Corporate People, in All Fields, Levels & Positions, and Yes, Your Spouses & Families. This is A Place where We Listen & You're Heard: To Talk Out & Work through Your Private & Most Serious Matters; & All Conveniently & Privately, Online Nationwide & Mobile by Cell Phone, Email & Text Messaging!

good old dr. ralph


Hello Folks! I'm Good Old Dr. Ralph.
Everyone of All Beliefs & Lifestyles is Welcome Here,
if You
are Truly Seeking Answers & Help. I Will Listen &
Understand You, the Best I Possibly Can. I Will Give You
Explanations that Make Sense, Honest Answers,
Guidance & Propose Plans that You Chose the Path.
There are No Judgment or Guilt Trips Here.
You Will Be Heard,
if That's What You Treasure.

I Offer Very Busy People, Anxiety Therapy & Depression and

Online Phone Counseling for Marriage, Family, Relationships & Couples

Issues & Challenges with Professional Talk Therapy Nationwide, for

Our Hard Working Americans of All Ages & Their Spouses & Families,
Business, Employees, Management, Corporate People & Professionals, Employees &

 Staff in All Fields & Economic Statuses, as well as, Young Adults, Our Wiser & Retired,

Senior Citizens, and Folks Who are Homebound, Recovering or

Can't Leave their Homes, and Yes, Our World's- Celebrities, Stars,

Actors, Singers, Musicians, Sports & Public Figures, Government Leaders! 

Here I Can Give You Some Honest Help, Outside of Your Personal & Social Circles.





 * Home Page Index of Services.

* Contact - Appointment & Fee Info.   * Sitemap.

     I Would Really Like to Give You Some Answers & Means to Relief, Freedom & Health with Your Very Personal, Serous & Private Sufferings & Issues with Some Explanations & Multiple Treatment Options:


We Can Help with Your Private Issues & Personal Sufferings and Yes, Marriage, Family, Relationship & Couples Issues & Challenges Affected By:

ANXIETY: Uncontrolled Fears, Worrying, Irritability, Impatience,
High Stress & Its Serious, Progressive  & Enigmatic Consequences,

Afraid of Losing Control or Strongly Needing to be in Control,
Self or Other Criticism, A Very Uncomfortable Nervousness,

Shaking, Just Can't Sit Still, Needing to Keep Moving, Past Traumatic Emotional & Physical Events that have Caused Severe & Repeated Fear & Paralysis... 

DEPRESSION: Sadness, Unusual Crying Spells, Loneliness,
Low Self-Esteem, Self-Dislike or Self Hatred, Feeling Very Insecure, Little Confidence, Hopelessness, Unworthiness, Social Withdrawal, Just Don't Care Anymore, Interests & Desires Falling Away, No or Low Energy & Can't Get Going, Difficult Getting
Energy or Motivation and Again, A Kind of Personal Paralysis.

EMOTIONAL ISSUES: GRIEF & Causing Severe Depression's Signs: Severe Traumatic Losses of Family, Friends & Special People, as well as, All the Other Kinds of Losses, Betrayals, Humiliation, Frustration, Years of Long Term Emotional Suffering, Overwhelming GUILT, NEVER FEELING GOOD ENOUGH, Being Constantly Sorry, The Secrets & Shame, Debilitating Personal Pain, Grudges, Anger & Self and Other Hatred & The Suffering with the Heartbreaking Signs of Depression: Sadness, Such Strong Missing of Our Special & Very Loved Person, Overwhelming & Uncontrollable Sobbing & Crying, Guilt, Loneliness, Hopelessness, Withdrawal, No Motivation.....

THINKING & Cognitive Difficulties Affected by Anxiety & Depressive Signs & Symptoms: Confusion, Forgetfulness, Burned Out, Afraid You’re Losing It,  Off Your Game, Those Very Embarrassing Moments, Can't Concentrate or Focus, Trouble with: Career & Business Choices, Major Decisions, Organizational Blocks.

GROWTH & CHANGE & Associated Anxiety & Depression's Sign & Symptoms: Needing & Wanting to Move, But Just Don't have the Energy, or Simply Can't Find the Answers,
Paths & Ways to Grow & Reach Your Personal Goals.

SPIRITUAL: Anxiety & Depressions's Effect On or About Your Relationship with God or Your Higher Power as You Know Him. Understanding: Anger at God or Losing Him. Steps & Ways to Coming of Depressions Hold. Going from Depression and Paralysis and Instead Growing and Discovering Your Own Special Gifts, Usefulness, Meaning & Purpose & Your Place Where You Can Shine on This Planet 

We are Online & Mobile for You, Your Marriage, Family, Relationships & Couples by Telephone or Your Cell Phone for Counseling & Therapy Sessions & with Email & Text Message Support! Yes: This is Safely & All Privately: Outside of Your Usual Social & Work Circles & All of This is Given Attentively, Confidentially & Non-Judgmentally & in Caring, Understanding & Non-Judgmental & Growing Atmosphere.

This is All Directly and Privately with Dr. Ralph! 

Dr. Ralph New York Online Cell Phone Christian Counseling Therapy Sessions

   Doc: I Hope to  Give You, An Online, Convenient & Easy Access, with Confidential, Safe & Low Visibility,(by Your Phone & No-Video): A Mobile Private Practice and Online Office Visits, for Serious Personal Concerns, Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Self-Esteem, Guilt, Frustration, Your Personal Gifts, Meaning & Purpose in Life & How to Find & Use Them; Spiritual Guidance & Growth, Trying to Find Out About or A Relationship with God or Your Higher Power. We Aid with Marriage, Family, Couples, Social & Relationship Issues & Also, Personal Life Coaching to Attain Your Goals & Get You Where You Would Like to Be! This is All by Convenient Online Phone Counseling & Consultation, for All of Our New Yorkers in An Attentive & Caring Atmosphere within a Realistic, Kind & Christian Orientation.

NOTE: I Also Can Make "Check In Calls" to People, Family &
Friends Who are Homebound, Recovering or Can't Leave Their Homes.

This is All Conveniently Done by Direct Online Personal Phone Calls with Me, Privately with No-Video, on Your Cell or Land Line Telephone with Easy Access & Support by E-mail & Text Messaging & Also by Your PC, Laptop, Notebook, Pad, Tablet or Phablet. We are Accessible Nationwide or Internationally from Your Home, Office or Wherever You are Assigned, Working or Traveling by Regular Scheduled Appointments.

Well, It Seems that Over the Years Most Folks See Me as
as a Sort of Professional Friend or As Good Old Confidant. Doc!

* Home Page Index of Services.

* Contact - Appointment & Fee Info.   * Sitemap.

This is A Personal & Confidential Place for Support & A Means to
Talk Out & Work through Your Thoughts, Challenges & Decisions,

as well as, Family, Marital & Relationship Difficulties.
For People in Medicine, Hospitals, Helping & Healthcare, Employess & Office Staff, All Company Folks up to Corporate Executives, Business Owners, Management, All Employees, Tradesmen in All Fields, Our Police, Fire Department & Military, Attorneys, Law & Court People, Real Estate, Finance, Brokers, Consultants, Arts,
Education: Students & Teachers, Engineering, Science, Technology, Computers & The Web Specialists and
Most Importantly for All of Your,

Caring & Concerned Spouses, Families & Loved Ones.

Our House Calls Services

Dr. Ralph: We Also Make Online "House Calls" Nationwide for Recovering Athletes, Accident Victims, Family Members Who are Home Bound.

I Can Make Regularly Scheduled, Phone Calls to You, or
A Loved One or An Athlete, Who is Ill, or Recovering from Injury or Sickness, or A Handicapped or Homebound: Adult, Child, Teen, Adult or Elderly Family Member by "Quick Care Calls" as needed, through
Telephone Support, Text Messaging & E-Mail Worldwide. 

    Doc Certainly Hopes to be An Attentive, Honest, Pastoral Counselor, Therapist or Life Coach for You for Answers, Direction & Relief from Cognitive, Behavioral & Emotional Suffering & Difficulties: The Depressions, Sadness, Fatigue, Withdrawal, Despair, and Yes, A Place to Quietly Discuss Those Rather Personal & Private Issues...

   Doc Hopes to Guide & Help You Find Relief at Professional, One to One, Online Phone Counseling Clinic with Understanding, No-Judgment, Listening & Hearing Guidance & Support.

"This is A Place for You to be To Be Heard with
Sincere Listening, Honest Feedback & Support for
The Issues You
Would Like to Discuss or Simply Talk Out.
This a is a Safe Place,
OUTSIDE, Your Usual Social,
Work & Family Environment, Where You Can Be Yourself,
Without Pressure & Not Need To Be the Role, You Sometimes Play."

"You Know, This is Your Life & Everything We Deal with is in A
A Most Attentive, Serious, Focused & Confidential Manner. I Hope to Offer, True Listening & Understanding,
Practical & Do-Able, Answers, Guidance, Tele-Support or "Just Plain Talk. Good Old Dr. Ralph."


Abiding New York Online & Virtual, Telephone Counseling Therapy:

     1. For Our Busy, Hard Working New Yorkers and
Yes, Especially Their Spouses & Families, Conveniently Online by

Direct Cell Phone & Telephone Calls, E-Mail & Text Correspondence.

     2. For Moms and Dads Who are at Home Fulltime, Running the House
and Family, or at Work Fulltime, with Little Time for Office Visits.

 3. For Folks & Families Who Can't Leave Their Home or Offices for
A Counseling Appt or for Loved Ones Who are Ill or Homebound.

     4. For People in Medicine, Hospitals, Helping & Healthcare, Office Staff, All
Employees to Corporate Executives, Business Owners, Management,
Tradesmen in All Fields, Our Police, Fire Department & Military,
Attorneys, Law & Court People, Real Estate, Finance, Brokers,
Consultants, Arts, Education: Students & Teachers, Engineering,
Science, Technology,
Computers & Web Specialists and
            Most Importantly for All of Your, Caring & Concerned Spouses & Families.

"I'm Here to Help You Talk Out and Work through Your Anxiety &
Depression & Those Serious Matters of Your Heart, Life, Emotions,
Marriage, Family & Children, Personal Difficulties and Obstacles,
Business Issues and Major Life Decisions & Adjustments in
A Caring,
Private, Understanding, Non-Judgmental, Kind & Christian Like Atmosphere.

Also, if You'd Like, A First Meeting, A Re-Connecting or
Developing A Deep and Ongoing, Very Personal to You,

Knowing of Your Higher Power or God." good old dr. ralph."

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Find Us:  AbidingNY.com     DrRalph24.com  NYClinic.com         DrRalphNY.com

   Dr. Ralph Taylor at The Abiding New York Online Christian Couple's, Marriage, Family & Relationship Counseling and Personal Anxiety & Depression Therapy Clinic by Mobile Cell Phone & Telephone. We Offer Confidential & Personal Psychotherapy & Private Talking Therapy & Professional Help & Relief for Your Serious Emotional Disorders & Suffering, Anxiety and Depression, as well as, Licensed Counseling for Your Personal, Marriage, Relationships, Family & Parenting Issues.         We Can Also Provide You with Spiritual Counsel & Guidance, About Finding God or Your Higher Power & Your Meaning & Purpose on This Planet. We Can Give You Life Coaching and Goal Mentoring to Realize Your Special Dreams & Correct Gifts, Help You Plan & Work to Your Life Goals. We Work with Very Busy & Hard Working Adult Americans & Canadian, and also, Our Retired & Senior Citizens, and Also with People Who are Home Bound, Recovering or Can't Leave Their Homes, and Yes  Also At Your Office Counseling Sessions, Conveniently for Busy Business People & Professionals. This is a Private & Confidential Place for Support & A Means to Talk Out or Work Through Your Thoughts, Challenges & Decisions, Family, Marriage & Relationship Difficulties & Also Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Sadness, Loneliness, Guilt, Low Self-Esteem, Grief, Betrayal, Frustration, Emotional Suffering, Thinking & Cognitive Difficulties, Major Decisions and Finding the Paths & Ways to Reach Your Personal Goals. We are Here for You: People in All Professions and Trades: Medicine, Hospitals, Helping & Healthcare, Business Owners and All Office Staff & Employees, Corporate, Executive, Retail, Management, Our Gifted Craftsmen & Tradesmen, Police & Fire Departments, Military, Attorneys, Judges, Law & Court Folks, Retail, Real Estate, Finance, Brokers, Consultants, Arts, Scientists & Researchers, Education, Students, Teachers, Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Web Specialists and Most Importantly, for All of Your Caring & Concerned Spouses & Families. We are Available for Our United States & Canada & All of the Countries Where You are Assigned, Living or Working, Internationally, by Your Cell Phone & Landline Phone, Tablets, E-Mail, Text Messaging or SMS & Easy & Convenient Internet & Computer Access.

   Our Counseling Therapy Family Practice was Established in the very early 1970's & as Our Entire Family & Businesses moved "Out West." We of course had Our Local in Town, Appointment Visits Clinic, Family Practice & Business Offices. We have always had Telephone Counseling Sessions... Later, We Expanded to Nationwide Online Mobile Counseling Therapy by Telephone & Cell Phone with Email & Text Messaging Support: when we acquired this website. This has been the Abiding in Christ Marriage & Family Counseling and Anxiety & Depression Personal Therapy Clinic in Service from 1972 to The Present, All Owned, Copyrighted & Trademarked, as Needed, All Rights Reserved.

















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